"I fell in love with Reg Livermore very early, from birth actually. My sister Sharon used to play the original Australian cast recording of The Rocky Horror Show and I became obsessed with it. I first saw Reg perform in 1984 at the Theatre Royal in a revival of The Rocky Horror Show when I was ten. I was blown away by his performance and hooked for life.

I first met reg in 1987 when my parents took me to visit his garden, he was so warm and kind giving me bits and pieces for my collection and telling me great stories about his years in the business. As I have grown as a performer and producer, I value more and more the contribution Reg Livermore has given the Australian community, not only as a performer, but as a writer.

I asked Reg if I could feature him in our Hall of Fame, and it is with his blessing that Showtune presents the first Reg Livermore Website."

~ David Hawkins